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Born From A Love For Healthy Life, Healthy Body And Self Awareness


We are a small family-owned company, located in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

Our career started with simple massage therapy techniques back in 2004. The more clients we saw, the more we realized that basic relaxation techniques were not enough to address a diversity of chronic pains, including back and neck issues.  Therefore, we went back to school. Why? Because we wanted our therapy to be efficient, to serve people with diverse pain issues, and to see our clients happy and pain-free upon leaving our treatment room. That is also how our company name and our logo came to life: “Rehoboth Massage and Alignment” - “Movement Efficiency and No Pain.”

Our advanced massage therapy modalities target problems in the muscular system. We also use structural integration (known as Rolfing) to target restrictions in the fascia during the alignment sessions. Finally, we use the Feldenkrais method to address issues in the neuronal and skeletal systems. By skillfully manipulating the muscular, fascial, neuronal, and skeletal systems, not only are we able to meet the immediate needs of our clients, but we also help them in the long term.

We design unique therapeutic sessions for your well-being, teach you how to properly use your body in gravity, and how to adapt your habits to maintain an aligned posture. In addition to addressing the pain in the moment, we also design a recovery plan that replaces your inefficient postural habits and guides you to better body mechanics.




Meet the Team


Our approach to therapy is unique in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and surroundings. Because we incorporate in every session pain management, massage therapy, posture alignment, mobility and awareness in movement. In contrast to most of the spa and salon massage treatments, where therapists are overbooked and hardly have time to recover between clients, we take enough time to recharge our energy level, discuss with the customers about a therapy plan and answer their questions. We enjoy our work and consider that your experience should also be enjoyable to the full. In addition, we use lotions that are carefully crafted by us using organic and pure essential oils.

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Alina Tudor

Founder & L.M.T.

Is a locals favorite when it’s about ‘getting-out-of-pain’ and ‘moving-out-of-inefficient habits’ strategies. She is a strong believer of the more you know- the better you treat therapist. Alina is an open hearted, professional, well trained therapist and a fun person to work with.

George Tudor

Founder & L.M.T.

A massage with George is not ‘just a massage’ , as most of his clients say. He has a large perspective over body mechanics and function. George’s approach to healing therapies and are a rare find in a vacation resort like Rehoboth Beach area. He is a professional, good listener, calm and grounding person.

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