Posture Alignment

The Session

Posture alignment is a self-discovery process. There is no better posture or worse, but efficient. It is the optimal balance for your everyday needs, so you can play, enjoy life, perform, work or walk on the beach.

To begin with, posture alignment sessions consist in skilfully synthesized methods of Structural Integration (better known as Rolfing) and Feldenkrais Method. Important to know is that the sessions are all different and individually tailored for you.

Every single body has its own story. The way we use our body in daily life is not always a conscious decision. Therefore, alignment and posture preferences may not be optimal. We work, read, hunch over, spend eight hours sitting at the desk, drive and then we wonder where is our pain coming from?

In other words, repetitive motion creates patterns that lately build our posture that we have at the moment. The fascia ( connective tissue) that lies underneath throughout your body gets pulled in different directions. This way, it creates patches and areas with condensed tissue that need to be smoothed out.

Moreover, the alignment sessions consist of a multi-sessions protocol of deep, slow myofascial manipulation. It also involves gentle movements of parts of your body coupled with skeletal manipulations and movement re-education. The work is done with anatomical precision, specifically designed for every individual.

  • Improve Your Coordination
  • Improve Flexibility And Quality Of Movement
  • Reduce Inflammation And Improve Circulation 
  • Healthy Aging And Health Improvement
  • Reduce Chronic Pain
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Posture Alignment is beneficial for all ages

We have great results with people of all ages. Generally, a wide range between five and over eighty-year-old people, are our customers.

A few important guidelines about the process are:

1.The posture alignment process will begin with a fairly extensive interview about your history and current habits.

2. We will usually want to observe you standing and walking before the sessions start, in order to assess your current structural patterns.

3. We use a massage table, or for certain moves on a stool or bench. We will use fingers, hands, or arm to contact certain tissues or bony arrangements. You are invited to give feedback, in your body comfort zone is important to us.

4. After the sessions, clients often return for a ‘tune-up’ session. Also, customers return periodically for a shorter series of sessions, advanced work designed to take the process deeper into your body and your experience.

5. Remember that changes happen SLOWLY in our body. For example, a relaxation massage hour can address some of your pain but, if the work is not integrated into your whole body, it will not last long. The posture alignment awards long-term beneficial results.