Back pain is preventable

back pain

Why back pain?

Your body might feel tensed and tired. Stressors like: sitting hunched over a desk for hours, standing for a long time, driving long distances can be creating tension in your body and back pain. Also, old injuries that might have been ignored for the longest time and you JUST started to pay attention to the discomfort stirred up by them. If you recognize yourself above, this article will make your time valuable.

The statistics regarding adults experiencing back pain are completely surprising. The most typical treatments include prescription medicines, chiropractic adjustments, or physical therapy rehabilitation. Most of the people who experience back pain never find out the primary cause of their back pain, despite seeing doctors, getting varied opinions, and various treatments.

Repetitive movement and back pain

Habitual movement creates patterns of tension in our body. In other words, repetitive movements lead to tension in the muscles, fascia and the bones get pulled in non symmetrical ways.  Having 2 sides – left/right requires symmetry in movement. Most of the people have one predominant side; you already know which one is yours. Because our bias in movement, gaining symmetry in movement is a continuous act of awareness. Learn more about how one can become aware of the body use here.

Going back to the repetitive movements, let’s take an example: when you go to the gym. How often do you do the same exercises? How often do you try different movements like ones that you never ever tried before? Or maybe you have an ‘exercising routine’?

That’s what I am talking about! ROUTINE in movement/exercising or habitual movement are the stressor of your joints, spine, back or neck. Moreover, not only inefficient movement can create pain but also sitting and walking in ways that are not optimal for your posture.


Awareness on posture-our approach to back pain

We are Alina and George Tudor, posture alignment specialists, licensed massage therapists and Feldenkrais practitioners. For more than a decade we have been empowering people to discover their movements ease. We create the possibility for feeling good in your body and movement. Using fascial, bone manipulation and developing awareness over your movement and habits.

So far, hundreds of customers felt the benefit of pain relieve, tension release and learning movement awareness.


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